Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As a Mom, I....

My friend Brandi over at Brooklyn State of Mind is helping me out with my first link up! Woo Woo, here's hoping I do this right folks! I love sharing new mommy stories, especially when they're hilarious and shed some light into our "not so perfectly cool" selves. Soooo here goes!

As a mom, I have learned to be pretty creative in a pinch. After "assuming" my engorgement days were behind me, I confidently left the breast pads at home one afternoon and headed out for a day of shopping, then dinner at the in-laws.

During baby Tallan's feeding time, as she nursed away on one side, I quickly realized the other boob felt left out and wanted to join the party! Before I knew it, my bra, tank top AND overshirt were soaked in that ooh so conspicuous "I'm lactating" area! Oooopsie! What a day to not have a change of clothes and breast pads for mommy!

Luckily my sister in law is 17, and I snuck to raid her closet. Stealing a small sports bra (yea, with these honker milk makers) and a T-shirt, I was almost home free. Here's the kicker....having NO breast pads to protect myself from future leakage, I was still in need of a fix. Scrounging through the SIL's bathroom, I found the solution - Astringent/make up remover pads! They fit perfectly over the "desired" area and are pretty darn absorbent! Who knew!

I made it home with no further spills...and no one was the wiser. There's nursing knowledge for your future boobie blunders!


  1. Hilarious!! Totally been there, but mine was at a dinner theatre. Mom fail. Thanks for linking up!! :)

  2. Found you through the link up...I'll have to remember that for the next time I forget mine!! Luckily, only happened once, at work, and I was wearing a thick bra! lol

  3. Oh, I love you Tara. You're such a goober! But super creative!! Love your blog!

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