Monday, October 22, 2012

Mommy Hobby or Hindrance?

I've spent countless minutes browsing Etsy, and just a "couple" of bucks on cute little baby hair bow bands. I have grown obsessed! Nothing seems to scream "I'm a bald baby GIRL" like the hair bow, right?

I like to think of myself as a creative type...nothing too fancy, but I can accomplish the occasional DIY task.
Inspecting my latest bow band purchase the other day, I thought, "I can do this!...maybe." So I set out to try!

Inspirational Pinterest instructions in hand, I have been experimenting with fun fabrics and sufficiently burning the crap outta myself with the glue gun for a couple weeks now. I am loving the results! I've made hair bow bands for friends, placed floral flowers on ear warmers, and pinned them to my favorite scarf! The accessory options for these cute little guys are endless! I'm thinking of buying canvas totes and dressing them up too!

The hubbo sparked a question last night. Etsy shop? Hmmmmm, will this turn a fun little hobby into a burdensome hindrance? It would cover the cost of supplies. Decisions decisions. Any thoughts?

Enjoy a quick snap of my latest florals to attach to bands or beanies or ANYTHING. Also, check out Miss Tallan Hope sporting a mommy creation.    

Thursday, October 18, 2012

30 seconds...GO!

Feels like Fall in Kansas City!
I have had a Fall Tallan Hope picture in my head since she was born; and yesterday, Matt and I finally made it happen. I pictured a cute, chubby, nakie baby, in a new handmade owl hat, sitting in a pumpkin, looking perfectly Fall Fabulous! This concept turned out to be harder that I thought...but produced the exact photo op I was hoping for...and a couple more memory makers. 

For the quick shoot, I am grateful for my OCD/Type A organization and planning. 
1- Buy large enough pumpkin for my plump little peanut
2 - Hollow pumpkin and carve leg holes...easier said than done
3 - Scope out fun little "fall-ish" spot in the front yard
4 - Prime the location with quilt & pumpkin / test shoot for perfect depth of field (ooh big words!)
5 - Daddy brings out baby Tallan, only in her cloth diaper, owl beanie and leg warmers
6 - We realize our genes have given Tal a bubble butt and this baby booty WILL NOT FIT!

7 - Momma cuts the entire back out of the pumpkin to make room for Tallan Tush!
8- Sitting in my photog spot, allowing daddy to place Tal in her pumpkin, I am READY!

Welp, Matt and I had about 30 seconds of shooting before Tallan let us know pumpkin wasn't her outfit of choice. We called a wrap on our photo session not even a minute after we started...BUT not before we got the perfect little shot I had been hoping for. 

It took a little snuggle and lotta boob before she forgave me.
One day, she'll look back and thank me for her awesome picture....I HOPE! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Outlet

Woo Hooo! I had a baby 6 months ago and finally, I am getting around to the blog I planned on starting when she was born. Ain't that the way things go?

After having Miss Tallan Hope in April, I promised to never bomb facebook with every silly pic and happening of our day to day as stay at home mommy & baby. I broke that such promise. I find myself in a constant state of "overshare-don't care" to keep our family and friends posted on our new family adventures. Not finished with facebook, but yearning for a fresher outlet, I am here now. Discussions on cloth diapering, nursing in public, dear hubbo, poops and milestones?....Yes, please, to all of the above (yet I will save those for a later date.)

For now, I would like to congratulate my little fam on our most recent accomplishment - a vacay.
Four flights, four days, beach bums, boobies, and here's the kicker - ZERO meltdowns! Yay Jarvis Family!