Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I think my kid might be a vampire!

My husband reads for knowledge. Doctor Jarvis stimulates his brain with non fictional tales of disease states, pharmaceutical studies and all sorts of medical intellectual mumbo jumbo. Me? I read for fun! A lover of fiction and fantasy, I enjoy transporting myself into other worlds of make-believe. I have come to realize however, that my flare for fiction has jinxed my child.

Harry Potter, Edward & Bella,  and Sookie Stackhouse have gotten together to punish me for my reading exploits. My child, Tallan Hope, just might be a vampire! Let's review the facts shall we?

Pale skin, light eyes - vampire. Sleeps all day, up all hours of the night biting people - vampire. Will NOT eat  people food - vampire. Has only 2 upper teeth that are NOT the front teeth but the scary side ones....OMG VAMPIRE!

All joking aside, I have noticed as Miss Tallan has been teething, that the order of which these little pearlies appear is not the norm! Terrified by my vampire-esque imagination, I did some research on the American Dental Association's web page.

Per chart above, the lower 2 front teeth should come in first...CHECK! 
Followed by the top 2 front teeth...umm nope! Tal has decided to sprout her upper lateral incisors (the two flanking your big front teeth) first, leaving her looking curiously like our famous vampire friends. 

I have been reassured by Tallan's mimi, a registered dental hygienist  that this could be normal, and that one day soon my baby doll will expose her two front teeth. Gosh, here's hoping! 
My life is not ready for a vampire baby! My husband might look a bit like Edward Cullen, (have you seen him?,) but we have no werewolf friends that I know of; and I really would like to get some sleep during the nighttime hours sometime in the near future. 


  1. It's funny that you posted this because my daughter Peyton's top lateral incisors came in after her bottom front teeth which made her look like a vampire too!

  2. My daughter did this too! She cut her top laterals, and about 4 weeks later (before the laterals fully descended) cut her top center teeth. I was worried about the same thing, but her teeth descended so slowly it just looked like she got all four at once!

  3. That's funny! New follower from Brooklyn State of Mind:) Hope you check us out at http://www.thechirpingmoms.com!