Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Smooches for All!

Last year on Valentine's day, my hubs and I fancied ourselves up and headed to Capital Grille here in KC. By fancy, I mean we had a gift card, Matt wore a dry cleaned shirt, I sported a sexy little maternity number and squeezed my plump water logged feet into some 6 inch nude platform pumps baby! I was 8 weeks from giving birth and we cherished our last date together as just "Matt & Tara."

This year....I have a hair appointment  That's right. This sexy mama is throwing on some yoga pants, grabbing a cold one (decaff frappacino that is) and getting my ombre on at the hair dresser this V-day! The romance of it all is that my dear hub will be watching Tallan, giving me some mama time, and that's the best present I could ask for... a man who understands a good hair do means a happy, sexy, confident wife...and you know where that leads! He's not stupid! If he pays for my hair appointment and I put out, does that make me Julia Roberts? Anyhooooo.....

On another note, Valentine's has given me the excuse to dress Tallan Hope up for yet another themed at-home photo shoot. This time all we needed was a tube of lipstick, our favorite head band, and a nakey baby. I love they way they turned out! This girl is a HAM!

We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you're out with your main squeeze, or staying in and squeezing your main...wait, that doesn't quite make sense. You know what I mean ya'll! MUAH!