Saturday, January 12, 2013

ER Plight & a Texas Flight

Well, I made it 8 months before having a scary mommy story to tell. Thank heavens this story does not involve sweet Miss Tallan, but yours truly.

Before the Christmas holiday, Tal and I had planned a trip to Texas to see my family. A couple days before departing  however, I awoke feeling terrible nauseous. I spent the better part of a morning and an afternoon fighting the inevitable...and finally gave in a couple hours before hubbo got off work! It's one thing to worship the toilet gods by yourself; but leaving a screaming baby in her crib while you do so, is heart wrenching! With a very sour tummy, I set out on these very small, yet important daily tasks:

  • Nurse Tallan all day - Success!
  • Feed myself - FAIL (too nauseous)
  • Google search "Pregnant with IUD" - which is waaaaay too common for my liking people!
  • Puke again - SUCCESS!
  • Push fluids - eh, somewhat successful
Hubs came home, and took over with Tallan (have I mentioned she won't take a bottle? Boob only? Well now ya know.) With Matt home, I could now focus on some quality toilet time. Noticing my hands were cramping after my most recent upchuck, I started to get worried. Hand cramps turned to arm cramps, turned to calf cramps. LOOOOOONG story short: Mama had to get to the hospital for some high quality muscle relaxers and fluids before the night was over. (No, the end to that story was not that simple, and YES the wait in the ER with total body cramps was horrible...but I'm tired of typing this story.)

Mucho thanks to my MIL & SIL who rushed to help with Tallan at home so Matt could be with me! Apparently nursing a baby all day literally sucks the life out of you. (Now, why not the fat? COME ON!)

Scary story accomplished, and still a bit weak tummied, Tal and I made it to Texas a day later! Cue happy music now! No melt down, fun new Picalo carrier used & no throwing up for either of us. We had such a great time in Texas with family. Tallan got to see her Mimi & Grumpy, Uncle Whiskey, & Great Gma. We were so thankful for the opportunity to visit!

A wonderful part about our Texas trip, was I got to catch up with an old friend; and was so excited for her to shoot pics of Tallan in the fall foliage. Local Texas peeps, Tamera with Snap'd Photography is flipping amazing, super speedy and affordable! I could not be happier with our photo's! Thanks Miss Tamera, for making our Texas trip not only great to see fam, but a wonderful time we marked with your photos. See a couple shots of Tallan Hope below, as well as a candid iphone shot of her and her Mimi. Adorbs!

All photos above courtesy of Snap'd Photography

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. your boob only baby is such a cutie! I love her strawberry blonde hairs! the best.

    1. Thank you Beth! As you can see, my hubs and I are very brunette;so Tallan's hair was a fun little surprise! (Now that I think of it, the UPS man has red hair...) Haaaaaa! Thanks for following!

  2. You have such a beautiful baby girl!! she's so cute,

    your newest follower,

    1. Thank you Miss Audrey! I prayed for baby blues my entire pregnancy and was truly blessed!

  3. How adorable is she?!? So cute!
    Maybe TMI for a first comment on your blog, but I had mastitis when my daughter was 2 1/2 months old and I completely understand your day going to the hospital. That was SO not a good day. Glad you're doing better :)

    1. Girl, TMI is not in my vocab!!!!! Thank you for stopping by!

  4. such lovely photos*
    check this giveaway sweetie*

  5. Beautiful photos! I hope you are feeling better now. I am a new follower!