Monday, November 17, 2014

Help Us Pay it Forward - Grace Blanket Drive

Hey ya'll!

Just a couple quick updates before I get into the meat of why I'm blogging tonight. Since our "blip" setback a couple weeks ago, Piper has been extubated, and is back on CPAP cannula. She is alert, chatty and back to her strong willed self. We are so grateful for all the staff that helped intervene, and get her back on the mend. We are back to our old routine of wean oxygen, wean drugs, add feeds....repeat. Please continue praying for her baby steps to success!

Also, we are excited to attend the premier of Children's Mercy's docu-series, "Inside Pediatrics," Tuesday night! This is a huge deal for us and I can't wait to blog pics and more info asap!

Alright. Down to business!
For a while now, it has been on my heart to give back, and acknowledge our love for the NICU staff at Children's Mercy. I've thought a lot about how we could give back...and I've come up with a plan that can involve YOU!

Matt and I have been beyond blessed to have such amazing gifts sent to us; as well as having our own money to spend on all of Piper's adorable blankets and linens. Most of the time, in the NICU, this is not the case. Our night time nurses pride themselves on the task completed at the beginning of their shift - bathing cute babies and giving them a fresh clean bed to sleep in. Our nurses are in LOVE with all of Piper's wonderful blankies, and it hit me...that's how we will give back!

There are over 75 bed spaces in the NICU, and each baby gets a nightly crib linen change. I've been up at the hospital when nurses are scrambling to find nice blankets for these babes when the patient count is at an all time high. More often than not, stark white hospital linens are used; which are great, but imagine the warmth a new special blanket would give the staff, the parents, the babies in need! A blanket with color, a blanket with pizzazz, a blanket sent with love.

We are so excited to be doing Grace Blanket Drive for the sweet babies of Children's Mercy Hospital!!! Named after our sweet Piper Grace, and made possible by her very own prayer warriors! I am asking for your help! If you'd love to pay it forward with us, consider donating blankets to our cause! I've listed extended info and ideas for ya below.

CONTACT: me, Tara, at for the address to mail blankets to.
TIME FRAME:  Please have all blankets sent by 12.20.2014

NEW baby blankets of all types, colors or prints! Have some fun, tell your friends, and use your creative gifts! Nurses love a fun spiffy new blankie!

  • Sew your own! - About a square yard of fabric will do. (flannel & fleece hold up well to washing.)
  • No Sew Fleece Tie blankets -can be made by youth groups, as a life group activity, girl's night in, etc!
    • Google "Fleece Tie Blanket Instructions" for a bajillion simple how-to's
  • Buy a Blankie!
    • any medium sized baby blanket or throw 
    • cotton or flannel receiving blankets 
Seems simple enough, right? I am so excited to get started, and I hope you are too. These nurses, and this NICU have blessed us with their unwavering love and care for Piper Grace, and we cannot wait to give back. We are counting on your help! Please do not hesitate to email me with questions! Here's to warming hearts, by blanketing babies with love.