Monday, December 31, 2012

 Holy Frickin’ Freezin’ Frijoles! It has been FOREVER since I blogged last!
I was waiting for this lovely blog design revamp to be completed; and then life happened. Sitting up, pulling up, eating solids, a trip to Dallas with mommy, AND a trip to the ER for mommy happened! (More on that later gator.)

Anyhoo, I am so excited to be up and running and blogging again and have tons to talk about! First things first though…look at this awesome blog design! Thank you so much Chelsea, from Yours Truly, for your expertise. This is fabulous!

Feel free to poke around and see what my little family is all about. Also, take note of my “Fitness Blog Friday” section! With a background in corporate wellness and fitness, I will jot down a few fun tips and tricks here from time to time. Feel free to message me if you have a topic idea in mind!

Switching gears, I am so thankful for this time of year with my new family. Experiencing things like it’s the first time and having a blast doing the small things to make Tallan’s first Christmas special. Both my husband’s and my family were together in KC this year, making things super fun, loud and just a tad bit redneck. (No comment on which side brings that trait to the table.)
I’ll leave you with some fun family pics I snapped on the phone, as well as Fall photo shoot pictures I just received back from Wendy at Cantwell Creations here in Kansas City. We absolutely LOVE the way she captures the joy Tallan has brought to Matt and I. Wishing ya’ll a very Happy New Year! Yeehaw! (Damn, just gave away who’s the redneck-est of them all.)

The boys: (from left to right) The hubs Matt, my bro, my Dad & father in law