Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just a Drop in the Bucket...

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Have I mentioned that I've been getting my head shrunk? Ain't no shame in my game. Since February 2015, while Piper was still alive, I've been going to a therapist. I love to talk...I love to talk about myself...I love therapy. 

The result: my overly egotistic self now thinks I'm a psychologist. (Duh!) 
In all seriousness though, this has really helped me dig into the how and why I want to grieve, give back, and tap into coping skills while incorporating my faith in this recovery process. 

Something I've been mulling over for a while now, is me getting tinges of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. I've analyzed, then OVERanalyzed why; and have come to this conclusion: (I'm billing you for this session later.) I get SO excited to help, to make a difference, to give back, to have Piper be remembered...that I regress into the thoughts that everything I can do is too small. I look at this big ole' world and have the humbling realization that I am just a mere drop in the bucket. Just a small tiny blanket drive lady, trying to make a difference, but just a drop in the bucket that is children's hospital philanthropy. 

Blankets, hospital committees, NICU meals, bereavement bath products...does it make a difference? Have you ever had thoughts like this? "Am I even making a difference?"

This is when I have to stop. Slow my roll, and tell myself, "Hell YES it does!" 
Now, all my psychotherapy comes in handy when I am so excited to share with you my thoughts on giving back...
Do NOT let being, "just" a drop in the bucket, extinguish your flame! Your drop means something to someone. Your light has a purpose. Hold that light out and shine the way, baby! 

Matt and I have had discussions recently about our faith in God as youngsters. We were raised as Christians, and were pretty darn boring teens. No crazy fall to rise from, no huge mistakes, prude - boring teens. As a Christian, and a quiet one at that, this led me to feel like I had no real profound testimony to share with others. I always had God's light within my heart, and carried it with me through this life. 

What Piper has done, is allow me to take my light, extend my arms, and hold it out for all to see. Piper's life has given us a reason to shine that light for others, regardless of how big or small the audience. My drop in the bucket is awesome, my flame will be bright, and I will shine it for you, Pipes!

While compiling my words for this post, a song from childhood came to mind that I'd love for you to hear. It's perfect for this topic. (The YouTube video might be corny, but the words touch my heart.) I urge you to give it a listen, and think about how you use your light. 
Go Light Your World

NOW, it's time for another PIPES shirt order!!!!!
Some of you missed the last order, and we are excited to offer these again! T-shirt money goes straight into the Grace Blanket account and has been used in these ways thus far:

   * Blanket purchases to stockpile for August hospital delivery
   * Bath product purchase for NICU bereavement team
   * Website domain purchase
   * Non-profit filing process
   * NICU family meal event (we fed over 50 parents this January!)
   * Footprint keepsake supplies for NICU nurses to create for families
   * Blankets blankets blankets for NICU/PICU babies!

In short - Y'ALL ROCK. This is YOU shining your light! Thank you so so much!

Here are shirt ordering specifics! Call, text and email me ASAP! 
817.319.8116 or
(yes, shirt prices are increased from last time...I spent waaaay more on tax & shipping than I bargained for!)

* $18 - Adult Sizes S - 3X
* $12 - Child Sizes XS - XL
* $10 - Baby Onesies NB - 24mo

When you call, text or email, I need from you:

* how many & what size
* your shipping address
* I can take cc payment over speaker phone, you mail a check, or meet me with cash!
* your order isn't recorded until payment received. Emailing me doesn't ensure you get a talks, baby! 
* I'll text or email you our address for check mailing. (Just not posting it here, duh!)
* Checks payable to: Grace Blankets or Tara Jarvis DBA Grace Blankets 


Questions? Call me. Text me. Email me. 

Check out all these fine folks sporting their Pipes shirts! How amazing! What a great way to get the word out about our blanket drive cause, CDH awareness, and remember such an awesome person!

We love you all! Can't wait to talk soon! #PipersPod




  1. I'm right there with you. I'm learning to be thankful in the face of tragedy and loss. God doesn't cause bad things to happen. God grieves for us. Yet he really does use the bad to bring light and good. I'm thankful He didn't let me continue in a safe, comfortable place in life where i had no need to rely on Him with all my strength and let Him do a mighty work in me (still in progress) . Your perfect Piper and our perfect Mark in their new bodies in Heaven are dancing with pure joy.

  2. You are an amazing woman! Thank you for your strength and sharing your story. God bless you!