Friday, August 29, 2014

Take a Deep Breath...

First thing's first.....
Notice anything about this picture?

8.29.2014 - VENT OUT!
Piper Grace Jarvis has decided she NO LONGER NEEDS A BREATHING TUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, Matt and I have had a super duper fabulously awesome week. I told you I'd update on Piper's stats; so I've listed our hurdles hopped below. This girl is an expert hurdler already!

  • Beginning of the week, Piper weaned off her oscillating vent and went to a traditional vent. This told us her lungs were ready for the next step!
  • On traditional vent breathing tube, Matt and I were able to hold Piper for the first time! Be it at birth, or at 3 weeks, 2 days - the feeling is glorious!
  • The same day we held her, they introduced her tummy to mommy's milk. (5 mL at a time.) A very proud moment for mommy!
  • Yesterday - Piper had the hiccups! How's that for a functioning diaphragm!!!!
  • Last night - they turned her breathing tube settings to "AUTO" - allowing Piper to control the breathing help she received from the machine. Her oxygen and CO2 numbers remained  perfectly stable during this time, leading doctor's to believe she was ready for....extubation!
  • Last night - she made a tiny tiny poo! Silly fact, but this means her tummy is processing milk and they can continue feeding her more and more now that her anatomy proves functional.
  • TODAY at 2pm - Docs removed Piper's breathing tube completely!!!! HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!
Fighting Piper Grace Jarvis now has ZERO tubes in her mouth helping her breathe! She has switched over to a positive pressure nasal cannula, and that's it. She has had fabulous blood gas results all day and is thriving with no breathing tube. She's also allowed her nurses to double her mommy milk feedings to 10mL! This child never ceases to amaze us; and if you can't tell with all my exclamation points....we are excited!

She is moved into a real baby bed, with a fun mobile to gaze at, weaned off some pain meds, and is now allowed to wear baby clothes! (Be still my heart!) I held my baby today, looked at Matt, and asked "have we done this?" We are getting closer and closer every milestone to being able to say that Piper has kicked this in the butt. We are in awe. Docs are in awe. Everyone that has come into contact with Piper Grace is in awe. A month ago, I had admitted to opening my arms, submitting the future of my unborn child to the mercy of our Lord. I agreed to do the best I could with the time He chose to give us. Today, I again open my arms to Him, this time to reach up and praise. My fingers can't reach high enough to show my gratitude. 

We now have no clue on time frame of the "coming home" chat. Piper will have to switch to breast feeding, bottle feeding and be successful maintaining her weight, maybe have her cleft lip fixed and her heart checked out again before coming home. BUT - the "coming home" discussion is on the table ya'll...and THAT is a miracle. I cannot comprehend how far we've come. I am in awe sitting here typing. Awe. 

Holding our Piper today, talking with Matt, we discussed Piper's story not being our own. She is doing so well, not as a reward of being faithful, but we feel she is being used to tell ALL OF US that the power of prayer is alive and well. That good things do happen. That coming together to support each other in Christ has amazing consequences. We cannot thank you enough for the support. 

As we patiently await Piper's next step, be it more milk at feeding times, more poo in a diaper, or less oxygen in her nose, please pray with us that she stays on this positive road to recovery. Pray that we learn answers about her cleft repair soon, and we continue to glorify God in our story. Thank you all. 


  1. I have goosebumps reading this!! What a strong baby girl y'all have! Our God is an awesome God!! Continuing prayers for her and your sweet family!��

  2. Hey Tara
    I had seen your first link on mutual friends page about Piper. I have also known your Uncle Jerrell for years and he told me about your sweet baby:) I just wanted to let you know people that you have never met are praying so so hard for you and your sweet family. You are one strong positive women. Your daughters are complete dolls and Piper is a fighter:) I also have 2 daughters and I cant imagine life without them and after reading about your journey I appreciate them even more. I just wanted you to know that people in Amarillo and the Panhandle who are strangers to your family are praying everyday for Piper and your sweet family. You got this Girl:) Sorry about the horrible typing I meant to post awhile back when I read about your Piper.I have dealt with 6 teenage girls tonight Volleyball Players and they have caused migraine for this Momma:( Take care sweet girl!