Thursday, July 31, 2014

Prepping for Arrival

Hey all!
Wow, what an outpouring of love and support we've received in the past few weeks! Your kind words, prayers, care packages and visits have warmed our hearts and filled us with such peace and love for our friends. Each of you are so appreciated, for the part you are playing in our healing. Your gestures of support mean more than we can ever put into words.
I thought I'd touch base with ya'll once more to give an update to our preparation plans for Piper Grace's arrival. We are looking forward to family trickling into town as this weekend begins our birth journey. 
  • Friday AM - My mom, Mimi, will fly into town!
  • Friday PM - Matthew and I will take one last opportunity to go on date before life changes for a bit. (Here's hoping it's at my favorite restaurant.....wait.....who am I kidding? I love everything that is edible, so here's to me having a great meal regardless!) Woo Hoo! I truly cherish this time to spend with Matt, whether it's laughing, or in quiet contemplation of what's ahead. I am so blessed to have a partner that I can lovingly do both with, and feel completely at peace.
  • Friday Late Late PM - The rest of the Tyler clan arrives by car! My dad (Grumpy/DoDo), grandma Pat, brother Drew (Uncle Whiskey), his gal pal Heather, and my grandfather Mikey will all be here for support. Please pray for their safe drive (and for them to remember to bring me Chicken Express Rolls. Texas peeps, you know what I'm talkin' bout!)
  • Saturday PM - Matt's parents, Oma & Grandad, will join us for a big family dinner for fun, fellowship, fun, and fun. We will be so excited to have everyone together.
  • Sunday AM - As a family, we will take one last summer trip to Kansas City's River Market to show Drew & Heather the sights...and eat beignets. Do I see a food theme here? If you follow us on facebook, you know this has become a fun family tradition and I'm more than happy to choose this as my last eating adventure before I fast for the hospital process. Beignets for all! What a great weekend itenerary for quality time and fun with the ones we love so much. I am so grateful to have this time with them.
  • Sunday PM - Matt and I will head up to the hospital to begin some cervical prep for Monday's big induction. Little will be happening this night, but relaxing and gearing up for Piper. Matt's sister, Aunt KK, will also be arriving from OSU, completing our family support.
  • Monday AM - August 4th, Children's Mercy Hospital. The official begin of inducing labor. After that, your guess is as good as ours as to how long it will be before it's time to delivery our sweet girl. We are prepared to be calm, patient, and spend quality time with family during this process.
This is when the unknown begins. We do not know how Piper will be at delivery, we do not know how much time we will have, we do not know a single thing. We have embraced this fact, and decided to jump on the ride, and savor every moment until the time comes for the ride to stop. That's it. I pray that our minds are open and ready for love and peace during Piper's life; and not clouded by fear of pain. I am so thankful that we will have time to experience her as a family, together, no matter how long she's here. 

Please pray for everyone's hearts during this process. From new parents in emotional pain, to our parents watching their babies in pain, we are all on a separate journey that needs support.

We are so grateful for all this family being here, not only for Matt & I, but for Tallan Hope! Mimi and Oma will be in charge of Tallan during this process. She will be having fun at home and around town with her grandparents, aunt & uncle. She will not be at the hospital with us, providing an non- distracted experience for us, as well as a drama free few days for her. I look forward to getting back to my sweet Tallan once this process is over. She will be such a saving grace for my mind. 

It's difficult, to put into writing, the mixed emotion we are feeling at this point. We are dreading this process due to the pain we know is coming. We are anxious to start this so we can begin to heal. We are scared to lose Piper. We are grateful Piper won't endure months of pain and surgery. We can't imagine how long it will take to navigate through this pain. We look forward to future family happiness, babies, and healing. Those are the emotions right now. Mixed, confused, but I think, ultimately hopeful.

Again, thank YOU for being our prayer warriors. At times when I am tired, and emotional, I think of the blanket of prayer that surrounds our little family. From the long time friends, the new KC friends, extended family, to all the warriors that we don't even know - Thank you. Your prayers are felt, and I am overwhelmed with emotion as I consider that love you are giving. Thank you.

Leaving you with a few happy happy pics of my favorite family prayer warriors. They have been there through all of this, and the strength we draw from each other is amazing. We love ya'll so much!



  1. Keeping you in my prayers and thoughts tomorrow and for the time to come! You've already handled this with so much grace, that little girl is teaching so much to a lot of people. Wishing you strength and love in this time!

    love from Belgium,


  2. Thinking of you and your family today and in the days to come!

  3. Hi Tara and Family. My Name is Megan Skaggs and 5 years ago I gave birth to a little boy who also had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. He was with us for 5 weeks at Children's Mercy before passing away in my arms. I am so very, very sorry for all that you are going through. My heart and thoughts and with you in this very beautiful, yet bittersweet time with Piper. If you have not received a pink memory box from Children's Mercy, please ask the chaplains for one. I run a nonprofit organization in my son's memory, called MJ's Memories and we donate memory boxes to Children's Mercy and other hospitals for when a baby passes away. Sometimes staff may forget to give the family the box and I hope that you do receive one. Typically the chaplains bring the boxes to families. If you do not receive one at the hospital, please email me at and I will make a personalized one for Piper and mail it to you. You can also find us on Facebook at